Vendor tables are sold on a first-come, first serve basis. All tables reserved must be paid for in full by May 25th, 2018. A deposit of 1/2 the amount owed is required by March 1st 2018. Any vendor not remitting the full payment by May 25th, 2018 will lose their reservation and their deposit.

All vendor tables are 30” x 72”. The vendor room is located in the same building as the model contest (the Vehicle Preservation Centre) on the museum grounds The building is well lit with fluorescent lighting and easy access for both vendors and the public.

Vendors are to note that the general public who are coming to view the Ontario Regiment and Ferret Club Aquino Day Show, re-enactment and flea market are also going to have full access to the AMPS vendors. This means many more customers than a general model show! Interests of the public will vary so vendors are encouraged to bring a wide range of hobby interest items including militaria.

The room layout has not been determined yet, but it will be designed so that the people will have full view of the vendor area from the parking area. There will be numerous signs and announcements on the grounds directing the public to the vendors.

Vendor tables are $35.00 per table for the first two tables, and $25 per table for each table after that. To reserve vendor tables, please fill out the following form. Dave Showell, the vendor coordinator, will contact you about payment. If you have any questions, please email Dave by clicking here.