All contest models will be judged using the AMPS Judging System. In this system, model entries compete against a standard rather than each other. Experience levels are used to encourage participation of all skill levels:

  • JUNIOR: for those 17 or under that do not wish to compete against adult modellers. This gives juniors a chance to compete against their own age group.

  • BASIC: for those models entered by modellers who are new to the hobby or of basic skill levels. Modellers may participate once at the BASIC level for their first AMPS show; afterward they must move on to the intermediate level.

  • INTERMEDIATE: for those models built by modellers who are of average to above average skill levels. Modellers must move to ADVANCED upon winning a Gold medal in this level at previous AGWN or AMPS competition.

  • ADVANCED: for those models built by very skilled modellers, which are heavily reworked and detailed. The evaluation of this class will be quite strenuous, with accuracy and fidelity being the primary differentiators.

  • MASTERS: for the modeller who demonstrates consistently to be the very best. Accession to this level is by receiving the "Judges' Best of Show" award at the AMPS National Convention.

Each entrant's model will be assessed by a team of judges, and scores will be awarded on:

  • Construction
  • Finishing/Weathering
  • Detail/Difficulty
  • Research/Reference material that accompanies the model

The scores will determine whether the model qualifies for the Bronze, Silver, or Gold Award. Please review the complete AMPS rules, judging criteria and scoring method before the contest by visiting AMPS judging rules at

A guide for first time modellers to the AMPS judging system was prepared earlier this year for the AMPS International convention, held in Fredericksburg, VA. You can download that guide by clicking here.