Best Of and Theme Awards

AwardSponsored ByWinnerEntry
Best of Show, Judges' ChoiceMac JohnstonRSO Snowblower
1942Scott TaylorCrusader Mark II
Best United StatesChris JohnsonHusky VMMD 321st Engineer Company
Best GermanMac JohnstonRSO Snowblower
Best Russian/SovietAndrew HughRussian IS2
Best CommonwealthAndrew HughBritish Conwueror
Best Small ArmyAndrew HughIsraeli Mgach 6B Gal Batash
Best FigureKim Taylor8th Army Desert Rat
Best Diorama/VignetteBart CampbellPanther Ausf A (early)
Best JuniorAthena PanowskiMacedonian T-55

Category Awards

I - Closed Top Tracked and Semi-tracked Vehicles 1899 to1934 (based on markings)
Sponsored by The Hobby Centre
Skill ClassWinnerEntryMedal
BasicAlicia RossM4 ShermanSilver
BasicAlicia RossPanther ASilver
IntermediateIain FraserMK-IV Female TankSilver
IntermediateDavid BreherFT-17 In AfghanistanGold
AdvancedPaul EastwoodBeutepanzer Mk. IV FemaleSilver
AdvancedDavid ShowellSpanish Renault FT, 1925Gold
II - Closed Top Tracked and Semi-tracked Vehicles 1935 to 1945, Axis (based on markings)
Sponsored by Chuck Rothman, Eros Salis
Skill ClassWinnerEntryMedal
IntermediateDavid DennisTiger IBronze
IntermediateDavid DennisPanzer III GBronze
IntermediateDavid DennisVK-3001Bronze
IntermediateGraham RossSd. Kfz. 162 JagdPanzer IV A-OBronze
IntermediateJohn KellerStuh IIIBronze
IntermediateJosh RossSd. Kfz. 162 JagdPanzer IV 70 V LangBronze
IntermediateRay PelletierJagdtigerBronze
IntermediateChris JuskeyCommand TankSilver
IntermediateIain FraserTiger ISilver
IntermediateIain FraserStrumtigerGold
AdvancedChuck RothmanFlammpanzer IIIBronze
AdvancedNathan WasylowichIJN Type 4 Ke-NuBronze
AdvancedChris JohnsonPzKpfw B2 740(f) 213 Hy Pz Battalion, Channel Islands, 1942Silver
AdvancedDavid ShowellBeute Panzer 17R 730(f)Silver
AdvancedRoy HuJagdpanzer IVSilver
AdvancedScott TaylorPanzer II Ausf. FGold
III - Closed Top Tracked and Semi-tracked Vehicles 1935 to 1945, Allied (based on markings)
Sponsored by Hornet Hobbies, Eros Salis
Skill ClassWinnerEntryMedal
IntermediateTrevor WellerT-34/76Bronze
IntermediateIain FraserZis-22Silver
IntermediateIain FraserCrusader MK-IIISilver
IntermediateDavid BreherSoviet T-35Gold
IntermediateIain FraserCrusader MK-II with Sun ShelterGold
IntermediateIain FraserIS-2 StalinGold
AdvancedChris JohnsonSoviet T-34/85, 1944Bronze
AdvancedChuck RothmanValentine Mk. IXBronze
AdvancedRichard BriggsCrusader AA TankBronze
AdvancedRoy HuJS IIBronze
AdvancedAndrew HughRussian SU 152Silver
AdvancedChris JohnsonSoviet KV-2 'Za Stalino!'Silver
AdvancedChris JohnsonM6 Heavy Tank, Fort Knox, 1942Silver
AdvancedSandy McrorieA13Silver
AdvancedAndrew HughRussian IS2Gold
AdvancedChuck RothmanM4 ShermanGold
AdvancedRoy HuCromwellGold
AdvancedSandy McrorieA30 ChallengerGold
AdvancedScott TaylorCrusader Mark IIGold
AdvancedSteve GuthrieSherman III Sherbroke FusiliersGold
IV - Closed Top Tracked and Semi-tracked Vehicles 1946 to 1991 (based on markings)
Sponsored by IPMS Ottawa
Skill ClassWinnerEntryMedal
BasicAlicia RossT-62Silver
IntermediatePaul SlatteryBRITISH CVR-SCIMITARBronze
IntermediatePaul SlatteryM24 CHAFFEEBronze
IntermediateTrevor WellerM48A3Bronze
IntermediateAlain Loranger2K22 TunguskaSilver
IntermediateChristian MaheuIsraeli M51Silver
IntermediateIain FraserLeopard C-1Silver
IntermediateJosh RossChieftan Mk 2Silver
IntermediateIain FraserT-34-100Gold
AdvancedChris JohnsonConqueror Mark 2 - 7th Armd Bde, BAOR in the 1960sSilver
AdvancedRichard BriggsFinnish T-72, (circa 1989)Silver
AdvancedAndrew HughBritish ConwuerorGold
AdvancedSteve HearnCanadian Early Leopard C1 c 1979Gold
V - Closed Top Tracked and Semi-tracked Vehicles 1992 to Present (based on markings)
Sponsored by Hornet Hobbies, Capital City AMPS, Edmonton Chapter
Skill ClassWinnerEntryMedal
IntermediateAlain LorangerLeopard 2A5 KFORBronze
IntermediateJohn StonerM1A2 SEP Abrams TuskBronze
IntermediateJohn StonerAAVP-7A1 RAM/RS w/EEAKSilver
IntermediateJosh RossLeopard C2Silver
IntermediateAlain LorangerCV9040Gold
IntermediateJohn StonerM2A3 Bradley w/BUSK 2Gold
AdvancedMarco PanowskiM1A2 AbramsSilver
AdvancedAndrew HughIsraeli Mgach 6B Gal BatashGold
AdvancedLarry WatsonM1A2 AbramsGold
VI - Open Top/Open Hatch Vehicles (all eras)
Sponsored by The Hobby Centre
Skill ClassWinnerEntryMedal
IntermediateMark SheppardAlone in the DesertBronze
IntermediateIain FraserAchillies IIcSilver
IntermediateW .John LowreyD9R BulldozerSilver
IntermediateChristian MaheuUS Marine D9RGold
IntermediateDavid BreherStug III G Early and Puppy LouisGold
IntermediateJohn KellerSdKfz 251/1 Ausf AGold
AdvancedSandy McroriePackwagenBronze
AdvancedGerry BillingtonM-10Silver
AdvancedChris JohnsonHusky VMMD 321st Engineer CompanyGold
AdvancedMac JohnstonUS Army D7 BulldozerGold
VII - Wheeled Vehicles (all eras)
Sponsored by Thachweave Products
Skill ClassWinnerEntryMedal
IntermediateIain FraserDaimler Armoured CarBronze
IntermediateTrevor WellerStaghoundBronze
IntermediateChris KellyDesert Recon Canadian CoyoteSilver
IntermediateIain Fraser1917 Mack ACSilver
IntermediateIain FraserBA-3 Armoured CarSilver
IntermediateSoo-Gane WonStaghoundSilver
IntermediateIain FraserZil-157 Shelter TruckGold
IntermediateIain FraserHumber MK-IIIGold
IntermediateJohn StonerSANDF G6 Self Propelled HowitzerGold
IntermediatePaul SlatterySUPACAT HMT400 JACKALGold
IntermediateSoo-Gane WonGerman Motorcycle & SidecarGold
IntermediateW .John LowreyHaulin "Teddy"Gold
AdvancedGraham MansellAustin 8Bronze
AdvancedRichard BriggsAVGP GrizzlyBronze
AdvancedChuck RothmanAMX 10 RCRSilver
AdvancedSteve GuthrieChevrolet C60S Bulk Fuel TankerSilver
AdvancedChris JohnsonM983A2 LET (Light Equipment Transporter) USARGold
AdvancedGraham MansellJeep 9 Provost CompanyGold
AdvancedGraham MansellUSAAF Package CarGold
AdvancedJean Mac PereaultFord Tow TruckGold
AdvancedMac JohnstonCase VAI Tractor Early VersionGold
VIII - Ordnance (Towed only, emplaced or with Prime Movers) (all eras)
Sponsored by Sandy McRorie
Skill ClassWinnerEntryMedal
IntermediatePaul SlatteryGUN TRACTOR-20PDR. AND LIMBERBronze
IntermediatePaul SlatteryAS-90Bronze
IntermediatePaul SlatteryBOFORS 40MM GUN -TRACTORBronze
IntermediateSylvain Plante5cm PaK 38Silver
AdvancedJean Mac PereaultSd. Kfz 302 GoliathGold
IX - Major Conversions
Sponsored by AMPS Frontiersman
Skill ClassWinnerEntryMedal
AdvancedJean Mac PereaultCletrack Wrecker USAFGold
X - Scratchbuilt
Sponsored by Chuck Rothman, IPMS Hamilton
Skill ClassWinnerEntryMedal
AdvancedJean Mac PereaultWW II British Corgi BikeSilver
AdvancedMac JohnstonRSO SnowblowerGold
XI - Figures – 1899 to the present
Sponsored by Kim and Scott Taylor
Skill ClassWinnerEntryMedal
AdvancedKim Taylor8th Army Desert RatSilver
XII - Dioramas (figures, or figures, vehicles and landscape combined with story line)
Sponsored by Chuck Rothman
Skill ClassWinnerEntryMedal
IntermediateDavid BreherCome Comrades - These are the good germansBronze
IntermediateW .John LowreyAll ClearBronze
XIII - Vignettes (figures, or figures, vehicles and landscape combined without story line)
Sponsored by AMPS Frontiersman
Skill ClassWinnerEntryMedal
IntermediateGraham RossAbandonedBronze
IntermediateChris Juskey2nd Panzer Company WikingSilver
IntermediateW .John LowreySmoke BreakSilver
AdvancedBart CampbellPanther Ausf A (early)Gold
XIV - Fictional, Futuristic or Proposed Vehicles
Sponsored by Chuck Rothman
There are no entries to display for this category.
XV - Juniors
Sponsored by Elm City Hobbies, Elm City Hobbies
Skill ClassWinnerEntryMedal
JuniorJack SheppardJack's Marine Huey GunshipBronze
JuniorSolon WoodM107 Self-propelled gun (Vietnam)Bronze
JuniorSolon WoodWest German Leopard A4 tankBronze
JuniorSolon WoodM113 Armoured Personnel Carrier (Bundeswehr)Bronze
JuniorSolon WoodSchützenpanzer Marder West German Infantry Combat VehicleSilver
JuniorSolon WoodJS-3 "Stalin" Russian heavy tank (Berlin 1945)Silver
JuniorAthena PanowskiMacedonian T-55Gold
JuniorRichard and Stephanie DraycottM4 Sherman TankGold